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Queen Anne's Lace Silhouette

Original Nature Print Cards created by local artist Myra Mensh Patner now on sale. Patner donated these brilliantly colored cards to Pain Connection as a fundraiser to support its free programs.

Great colorful gifts you won't find anywhere else!

Special Price:
Buy one card for $3.00, or buy 4 cards for $10. (plus shipping)

Eight different notecards were created by local artist Myra Mensh Patner to help support Pain Connection.

For single cards:
$3.00 plus $0.49 shipping per card and 6% MD sales tax (if applicable)

For special package of 4 cards:
$10 plus $1.50 shipping and 6% MD sales tax (if applicable)
Choose the four cards you want to purchase and list them in the notes.

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Shagbark Hickory Leaf Silhouette

Sea Reed Silhouette

Hot Autumn Day Silhouette

Summer's End Hibiscus Silhouette

Heavenly Bamboo

Spiderwisp Silhouette

Forest Ferns